Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sounds of the Day #206/2017: Roland Kayn (1933-2011) (1,2) / Anthony Burr, Anthony Pateras, Ak'chamel (1,2,3)

Roland Kayn (1933-2011)

In October 2017, frozen reeds will present the première release of Roland Kayn’s fourteen-hour masterpiece, ‘A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound’(2009), as a sixteen-CD boxed set. Restored by Jim O'Rourke. more info here

Roland Kayn - Tektra (1980/82)
Tektra (1980-82) is a cybernetic project, an electro-acoustic composition which, as much as possible, originates from the interaction between electronic circuitry and processes carefully developed by the composer and discussed above. “No single composer, no matter the extent of his imagination, could conceive of this enormous variety of sounds, nor could he have conceived of the way they might be created”, says Kayn, “only the impulses which set the piece in motion can really be considered direct involvement by the composer. The result is because of purely autonomous processes.”Despite the Greek inferences of the title, no meaning for it can be found in any dictionary of language or electro-acoustic handbook of composition. The word Tektra, like the music, was derived from a series of processes which Kayn applied to the alphabet. It is a synthetic word, the total of the first letters of the seperate parts, and according to the composer, the listeners may interpret the word as they do the music, freely and without restraint. (Frans van Rossum)

Roland Kayn Simultan: Cybernetic Project for 1-5 rooms (1972)

 Anthony Burr · Anthony Pateras - The Long Exhale  (2016)

Ak'chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Anima Mundi Death Chants (2017)

Ak'chamel, The Mythik TrickstersFucking with Spirits (2014)

Ak'chamel - Live at Notsuo