Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thoughts of the Day #35/2014: Robert Smithson (15) / Morton Subotnick (2) / Lost Trail (1)

Robert Smithson (1938-1973)
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"Many would like to forget time altogether, because it conceals the "death principle" (every authentic artist knows this). Floating in this temporal river are the remnants of art history, yet the "present" cannot support the cultures of Europe, or even the archaic or primitive civilizations; it must instead explore the pre- and post-historic mind; it must go into places where the remote futures meet remote pasts."

- Robert Smithson

Morton Subotnick

Plus a recent and simply adorable discovery  
- Lost Trail -
out on silbermedia !
Please give their outstanding and essential discography of kosmische drones, electro-acoustics, experimental guitarworlds a careful and attentive listening.

This EP-release is from October 2014

Count this one under this year's best records !
Don't miss it !

P.S. All texts by Smithson are taken from the volume: Robert Smithson, Slideworks. Carlo Fura 1997.Dear Copyright-Owner, If you don't want to see this photo in this context, please let me know and I will instantly remove it. Thank you !