Friday, April 27, 2018

Sounds of the Day #115/2018: Angel-Ho (3), Surachai(6), Lorenzo Senni (1,2,3,4)

Angel-Ho - Red Devil (2017)

SurachaiAsymmetry Codex / Temple of the Weakening Sun (2017)

Lorenzo Senni - Rave Voyeur (2016)

Lorenzo Senni - Win in the Flat World (2016)

Lorenzo Senni - Quantum Jelly (2014)

Lorenzo Senni - Superimpositions (2014)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sounds of the Day #114/2018: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project (8), RAMZi (1,2,3), Velleitie (4)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - August 53rd (2018)

RAMZi - Etwal Timoun (2017)

RAMZi -Phobiza 'Dia' vol.1 (2017)

RAMZi -Phobiza 'Dia' vol.2 (2017)

Velleitie - Scheming the Afterimage with God Herself (2017)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sounds of the Day #113/2018: German Army (8), Arovane, Porya Hatami (2), John Roberts (1), Peter Evans - Peter Evans Quintet (1-4)

German Army - Bury In Amnesia (2018)

Arovane, Porya Hatami Organism_evolution(2018)

John Roberts - Spill EP  (2018)
Trumpet - Peter Evans 
Double Bass - Maxwell Sterling 
Recording (Trumpet) - Christopher Botta 
Recording (Double Bass) - Maxwell Sterling

Peter Evans Quintet - Genesis (2016)

Peter Evans - Lifeblood (2016)

Peter Evans Quintet - Destination : Void (2014)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sounds of the Day #112/2018: Paul Nataraj (1), Pascal Bouchet Asselah(1), Convivial Cannibal Clan (6), African Ghost Valley (8,9), Günter Schlienz (2) / Konrad Kraft (1) / Jim Haynes (4)

Paul Nataraj You Sound Like A Broken Record (2018)
These pieces were made by engaging in a three fold process which attempted to uncover the hidden personal stories held within the grooves of the vinyl record. Fourteen volunteers were kind enough to part with a vinyl record which they felt held a special place in their lives. I interviewed each of them about this record, the story attached to it and their wider musical journeys. I carved these personal stories back onto the surface of each disc in order to highlight the ways in which musical memory is constantly in flux and produces different tensions and sonic realities over the course of our lives and also to bring into relief the dialectical position the record plays as both icon of the music industry but also symbol of musical rebellion. This created a palimpsest of the record, a uniques object which brought together record, artist, volunteer, material and memory into one sonic space. Each record was then recorded and reconstructed into these works, and have at their heart the stories that were locked away in the grooves of these records. This work apprehends some of the splintered fragments the vinyl records’ heterogeneous ontology from the stand-point of a participant / observer, opening a productive dialogue between industry, user, artefact, artist, music and society. (artist info)

Pascal Bouchet Asselah Immaterialos (2018)

Convivial Cannibal Clan, Butoh Sonics - split (2018)

African Ghost ValleyColony(2018)

African Ghost ValleyAKI(2018)

Günter Schlienz - Autumn (2016)

Konrad Kraft - Temporary Audiosculptures (2016)

Konrad Kraft Quadrat (2016)

Jim Haynesflammable materials from foreign lands (2016)
"The album was mostly composed, recorded, and sketched during an Estonian residency at MoKS for a program that was hosted by Simon Whetham and John Grzinich called Active Crossover. The goal of that program was to bring together various artists whose work pertained directly or indirectly to environmental recordings. When John asked me about what kinds of spaces I was interested in seeking out before I arrived, I mentioned that I would like to investigate sites that had a considerable amount of electro-magnetic disruption which I could capture on radio along with sites of psychic distress. The Estonian landscape is pocked with abandoned buildings of considerable size and decay. Many of the excursions for Active Crossover engaged the large crumbling Soviet-era structures. Given that the electricity was off in many of these sites, I had to rely on shortwave to capture any electro-magnetic disruptions instead of any fluctuations from shitty wiring or weird Soviet power transformers... and the radio reception from that particular time and that particular place (i.e. southeastern Estonia) was eerie and unsettled. The crackle, drone, and noise is unlike that which is heard in the United States, looming with a (possibly perceived) paranoia of the Russian state just a few kilometers away. That said, Estonia had experienced an encroachment from Russia as the Russian military kidnapped/extradited an Estonian intelligence officer who was on Estonian soil at the time not too far from where I was staying. Given the contemporary military actions of Russia reclaiming Crimea from Ukraine, this incident put many an Estonian on edge. The A-side to 'Flammable Materials' reflects this aestheticized paranoia through bursts of static, pulsed noise, and atonal sinews of sustained frequency. The B-side is wholly more introspective, cutting up an Estonian radio broadcast into phonemes, disjointed phrases, and cryptic speech. What few words that can be recognized from the Estonian pertain to the forces of globalization. From the context of someone who understands very little of the language, these snippets of a female voice clip like a surrealist collage or a Dada poem. Compositionally, I was thinking very much of Robert Ashley's 'Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon' and the Nurse With Wound recontextualization of such sounds." (- Jim Haynes)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sounds of the Day #111/2018: Ruhig(2), Forest Management (2) / Supervolcano (2), Dwayne Rifle (1)

Ruhig - Sleeping Oracle Ep (2017))

Forest Management - Shifting  (2016)

SupervolcanoThe Vault (2016)

Dwayne Rifle - s/t (2016)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sounds of the Day #110/2018: Debit (1), Peter Brotzmann, Fred Lonberg-Holm (6), Jean–Luc Guionnet, Daichi Yoshikawa (1), Mirko Vogel (1) / Eli Keszler (1) / Arran Poole (1-6)

Debit Animus (2018)

Peter Brotzmann, Fred Lonberg-HolmOuroboros (2018)

Jean–Luc Guionnet, Daichi YoshikawaIntervivos (2018)

Mirko Vogel -LP1 (2016)

Eli Keszler - Last Sign of Speed (2016)

Arran Poole - Improvisations, Vol.1 (2015)

Arran Poole - Improvisations, Vol.2 (2015)

Arran Poole - Improvisations, Vol.3 (2015)

Arran Poole - Improvisations, Vol.4 (2015)

Arran Poole Sleep Music (2015)

Arran Poole Music for Bow Chime and Strings (2015)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sounds of the Day #109/2018: Anteloper(1), Wata Igarashi (5,6,7), Semănat (1,2,3,4,5)

 Anteloper - Kudu (2018)
(Jaimie Branch, Jason Nazary)

Wata IgarashiQuestion and Answer EP  (2018)

Wata Igarashi -  Sekala Ep (2018)

Wata Igarashi - Niskala Ep  (2018)

Semănat - split w/ OORCHACH (2017)

Semănat - Uztakis (2017)

Semănat - Duobė (2016)

Semănat КРОВ(2016)

Semănat  ARGILĂ(2016)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sounds of the Day #108/2018: Le Fonte Son (1,2), Filipo Laresca (1), Vomir (12), vlubä (7,8,9,10)

 Le Fonte Son - Japanese Orgasm Control  (2017)

 Le Fonte Son Experiment Beim Sterben (2017)

Filipo Laresca13 Asincronías de transmisión parasitaria (2017)

Vomir - Chantage Au Gaz (2017)

vlubä - Alive II (2011)

vlubä- Tomá... VlubääbulV (2010)

vlubä- Supraluminosos (2011)

vlubä - 7op (2007)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sounds of the Day #107/2018: Suzuki Junzo (6,7) , Otto Willberg (1,2,3) / K*mistry / David Birchall / Otto Willberg / Andrew Cheetham / Colin Webster

Suzuki Junzo - The Magus (2018)

Suzuki JunzoShizuka Na Heya De Ashioto Ha (2017)

Otto Willberg Keening (2016)

David Birchall/Otto WillbergA Young Man and a Middle Aged Man Alive in New York (2016)

David Birchall/Otto Willberg - Heavy Petting (2015)

David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham/Colin Webster/Otto Willberg  - Night Streets of Madness (2016)

K*mistry All Shirt And No Tie (2016)

Otto Willberg - Got Gills? (2015)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sounds of the Day #106/2018: Nate Wooley, Torben Snekkestad, Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Joe Morris (1), Laurie Tompkins (2) / Matt Rogers (1) / Klaas Hübner (1)

Nate Wooley, Torben Snekkestad  - Of Echoing Bronze (2018)

Torben Snekkestad, Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy - Louisiana Variations (2018)

Joe Morris - ULTRA (2017)

Laurie Tompkins - Heat, War, Sweat, Law(2016)

Matt Rogers  - SK√-1 (2016)

Klaas Hübner - Sog (2016)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sounds of the Day #105/2018: Law Of The Night (1), J Butler (1), Sonatine (1), J C / Specimens (1), Laurie Tompkins and Otto Willberg

Law Of The Night - Interaction  (2017)

J ButlerReal and Surreal (2017)

Sonatine  - s/t (2017)

J C / Specimens - s/t (2016)

Laurie Tompkins and Otto Willberg Yes, Indeed! (2016)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sounds of the Day #104/2018: Amulets (12,13,14), Black Spring / The Engineer / Jonny Hill

Amulets - These static transmissions (2017)

Amulets - Betula (2017)

Amulets - Planned Obsolescence (2017)

Black Spring / The Engineer The Engineer Split Cassette  (2015)

 Jonny Hill Fractured Narratives (2014)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sounds of the Day #103/2018: Hainbach (1,2), Black Spring / Miles Cooper Seaton / Mark Browne /Spinecakes Duo / Rack Screams / Neil Campbell

 Hainbach - Bruderkrieg  (2017)

 Hainbach - Shrines  (2016)

 Black Spring / Miles Cooper Seaton - West of Will & Cvrst Patience / Adige (for Luigi Lineri) (2016)

 Black Spring - Golden Ghost / No End (2016)

Mark Browne /Spinecakes DuoHyperbole! (2016)

Rack ScreamsRack Screams (2015)

Adam BohmanFour Pieces for Prepared Strings and Objects  (2016)

Neil Campbell  - Blues for Sadneck (2016)

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sounds of the Day #102/2018: brb>voicecoil (1,2), Anna Zaradny (1), Steve Hauschildt (5,6)

brb>voicecoil - Cloth White Skin (2017)

brb>voicecoil Containment (2017)

Anna Zaradny - Go Go Theurgy (2016)

Steve Hauschildt - Strands (2016)

Steve Hauschildt Where All Is Fled (2015)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sounds of the Day #101/2018: NEW NYZ (David Burraston) in JUNE 2018, Florian von Ameln (2), Ant'lrd, Bastian Void (8), Hegira Moya (1), Military Position (1) / Is There a Hotline? (1,2,3,4)

New David Burraston 
in June 2018 on Ge-Stell


Florian von AmelnInterbellum (2017)

Ant'lrd, Bastian VoidDream Forest Somnambulist (2017)

Hegira Moya閑静な住宅街・Quiet Residential Area (2017)

 Military Position - Longplay Live (2016)

Is There a Hotline? Antipode (2016)

Is There a Hotline? Missing (2016)

Is There a Hotline? - s/t (2016)

Is There a Hotline? Winds (2015)