Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sounds of the Day #171/2017: Francisco Meirino & Miguel A. García (2), Dedekind Cut (5), Monopoly Child Star Searchers (3), Egyptian Sports Network (1), RP Boo (1,2), Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet (1), YPY(1), UNBE(1), Grozny Penthouse (1)

Francisco Meirino & Miguel A. García - Nonmenabsorbium (2017)

Dedekind Cut The Expanding Domain  (2017)
[LABEL INFO] On Dedekind Cut’s The Expanding Domain, his fascination with Ambient becomes a blank slate upon which the prolific producer and his collaborators serve shimmering Trance-derived melodies, murky Industrial grooves and all-consuming Harsh Noise attacks. The five tracks however do not aim at offering an esoteric escape from reality but rather face it head on with blistering feedback. The Expanding Domain was created in transit between New York, Seoul and Berlin and recorded between the fall of 2016 and the winter of 2017. Over 23 minutes, the EP effortlessly shifts from densely layered textures to subtle piano notes and hard-hammering beats, seemingly mirroring the drastic changes of the times in which they were conceived. With the help of Dirch Heather (modular synths), Elysia Crampton (piano), Mica Levi (dubbed piano) and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (synths) as well as Dominick Fernow alias Prurient and Death Grips drummer Zach Hill on percussion, Fred Welton Warmsley III reminds us that now is not the time to give up. Despite everything, The Expanding Domain firmly positions itself within this world. Having left behind a career as Joey Bada$$’s producer and his previous moniker Lee Bannon to pursue a more experimental musical approach, Warmsley’s The Expanding Domain is more than just one release in the fast-growing Dedekind Cut discography: It’s a conceptual entity that draws on creative collaboration and aims at gathering unique artists under a single musical vision. Amidst the cacophony, a distinctive voice can be heard. The Expanding Domain might sound bleak and unforgiving at first, but also communicates a hope as well as a desire to resist. After all, there is a reason that this record was created as a loop.

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Aqueducts of Channel Island (2017)

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - The Garnet Toucan (2016)

Egyptian Sports Network - Interstitial Luxor (2017)

RP Boo - The Ultimate (2016)

RP Boo Fingers, Bank Pads and Foot Prints (2016)

Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet - gcida fhbe (2016)

YPY - The Rusted U.F.O  (2016)


 Grozny PenthouseThe Death Of Objects (2016)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sounds of the Day #170/2017: Ian Watson (1), Sim Hutchins (1), Siavash Amini (7), Abby Lee Tee (1), Zuli (1), Lee Gamble (1), Machine Woman (2), Proto (1), Cor.S(1), Kay Hill

Ian Watson - Untitled (2017)
Having well established himself in the UK sonic arts sphere during the course of the last decade, Ian Watson develops custom Hardware/Software and Acoustic/Amplified configurations to generate immersive sonic fields in performance spaces as well as in correlation with his own audio visual work. These studio based recordings are sourced from music box mechanisms which are balanced on sprung steel splines, processed, recorded and looped at slowed speeds with more layers from the same sources applied. The electronics used to create these processes are also mined for their own electromagnetic characteristics which are fed back into the recordings... 

 Sim HutchinsVantablank Stare  (2017)

Siavash Amini - Tar (2017)

Abby Lee Teeriverside burrows (2017)

Zuli - Bionic Ahmed (2016)

Lee Gamble - Chain Kinematics  (2016)

Machine WomanGenau House (2016)

Proto - Vitamin Tracs (2016)

Cor.SCOR.S (2016)

Kay Hill - Tesselation (2015)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sounds of the Day #169/2017: NEW PHURPA ! / Luiso Ponce(1), Manta (1), Nicola Tirabasso (1), Leviathan Worship Service (1), Q///Q (3), Gjöll (1)

Phurpa - Rituals of Bön II (2017)

Phurpa - ya tog rid pa’i gyer (2017)

 Luiso Ponce - Últomo (2017)

Manta - Citadel (2016)

Nicola Tirabasso  - Sounds From The Cosmic Silence  (2016)

Leviathan Worship ServiceWatch Your Back (2016)

Q///Q- Witch Craze (2016)

GjöllThe background static of perpetual discontent  (2015)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sounds of the Day #168/2017: Actress (3), Varg (5,6), Ulwhednar(4), Günter Schlienz (1), Fousek, Hansen, Tellier-Craig, Danny Clay (1)

Actress - AZD (2017)

VargNordic Flora Series Pt.1: Heroine (2017)

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt.2: En Ros Röd som Blod"(2017)

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City (2017)

Ulwhednar - Modern Silver (2017)

 Guenter Schlienz - Augenblicke (2016)

 Fousek, Hansen, Tellier-Craig - No Sound Without a Misunderstanding  (2016)

Danny Clay & Karl Fousek - Klang (2015)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sounds of the Day #167/2017: N1L (1), Cevdet Erek(1), Lillmeyer/Stadlmeier (1), Takanobu Hoshino (1, ),Ling (1), Ena (1,2), Takahiro Mukai (6), Kösmonaut (6), The Black White State (3)

 N1L - Ikea Zen (2017)

Cevdet Erek Davul (2017)

 Lillmeyer/StadlmeierZwie-Tracht (2017)

 Takanobu Hoshino  - Untitled  (2016)

Ling - Attachment (2016)

EnaMeteor EP (2015)

Ena - Devided (2015)

Takahiro Mukai - Empathic Coloring (2016)

Kösmonaut - Master Generator  (2016)

The Black White State - Choices (2016)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sounds of the Day #166/2017: Porter Ricks (1), Quarta330 (1) / Olivier Alary (1) / Lotic (1) / Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland (1) / Jakob Kirkegaard (1), Nathaniel Young (1), Mukqs, DJWWWW (1), Λ°C, крови

Quarta330 - Pixelated (2017)

Olivier Alary - Pieces for Sine Wave Oscillators (2017)

Porter Ricks - Anguilla electronica (2017)

Lotic - Agitations (2016)

Dean Blunt and Inga CopelandBlack Is Beautiful (2016)

Jacob Kirkegaard - Munk (2016)

Nathaniel YoungStringed Exploits (2016)

Mukqs, DJWWWW - Split (2016)

 Λ°C, крови Chaise  (2016)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sounds and Trailer of the Day #165/2017: I Love Dick , Demon / Remörk (1) / Robert Hood (1) / Von Grall(1) / Nick Storring (1), Chris Strickland (3), Piotr Cisak (1)

Sarah Gubbins, Jill Soloway - I Love Dick (2017)

Marcin Wrona - Demon / Dybbuk (2016)


Remörk - A2(2017)

Robert HoodParadygm Shift (2017)

Von Grall - Following the Rules (2016)

Nick Storring - Exaptations (2016)

 Chris Strickland - Excruciating Circumstances in the Kingdom of Ends (2016)

Piotr Cisak - A Quo Primum/Bounty (2016)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sounds of the Day #164/2017: Sad News: Albert Johnson is dead / Gavin Prior (8), Aluk Todolo (3), International Surrealist Bulletin (1), Akkad the Orphic Pries(1), M.E.S.H.(1,2,3), Ascanio Borga (3), Sote (2), Mike Parker (1)

Albert Johnson (aka Prodigy) 
passed away yesterday.
Thanks for rhyming mobb deeply in the 1990's. Unforgettable ! Magical !
* 2. November 1974 † 20. Juni 2017


Gavin Prior - Always Summer Somewhere (2017)
Gavin Prior: E-bow Guitar ,Acoustic Guitar , Percussion, Feedback Loops ,Vocals Cactus Field Recordings  HourGlass Software Paul Stretch Roland MC-303 Wollo Drone Synth Arturia Analog Lab Amplified Table Tascam Portastudio 07 Kyma Bamboo Chimes Bowed CD Pink Noise Generator Xenyx 1202FX Focusrite Voicemaster Pro Shortwave Radio Wine Glasses Reaper Windows Sound Recorder

Aluk Todolo - Archive Vol. 1 (2017)

International Surrealist BulletinCommunitas (2016)

Akkad the Orphic Priest - 777 (2015)

M.E.S.H. - Omb Extrusus / Glassel Extrusus  (2016)

M.E.S.H. Damaged Merc  (2016)

M.E.S.H. npu  (2016)

Ascanio Borga - Raw Science (2016)

Sote - 10inch04 (2016)

Mike Parker - 10inch03 (2016)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sounds of the Day #163/2017: Umfang (3), Graham Dunning (15), Richard von der Schulenburg(1) /SPR(1) / Hex (1) / African Ghost Valley (4,5,6) / Bondi, D'incise,Demierre, Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Umfang - Symbolic Use Of Light (2017)

Graham Dunning - Monochrome (2017)

Richard von der Schulenburg - Wanderung durch Wald und Flur (2017)

SPR - Ep 1 (2016)

Hex - Ruin Value (2016)

 African Ghost Valley - De Bruits et d'Ondes (2016)

 African Ghost Valley - Dagger (2017)

 African Ghost Valley - Royers Talaha (2017)

(Bondi - d'incise - Demierre) - Iterare (2016)

Alfredo Costa MonteiroTrois replis de solitude et un oubli (2016)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sounds of the Day #162/2017: German Army (19, 20), Mas (1), Swarm Intelligence (1), Regler (2), Bas van Huizen (2), Codespira1 (1), Artificial Memory Trace (3,4)

German Army - Swidden (2017)

German Army - Pacific Plastic (2017)

Swarm IntelligenceHome Recordings (2017)

MasLa Compagnie des Martyrs (2017)

Regler - Regler #8 (Metal) (2016)

Codespira1 - Artefact (2016)

Bas van Huizen - Waanzintraan (2016)

 Artificial Memory Trace - Don't Cry, Earthling! (2016)

 Artificial Memory Trace - Don't Cry, Earthling!Interception V (2016)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sounds of the Day #161/2017:Kate Carr (1), Roberto Musci (1), Heroin in Tahiti (3), Riccardo Sinigaglia (3), ju ca (1,2) x Yoshitaka Hikawa(1) Exoteric Continent(1) / Qoso (1), Anders Brørby (1,2), Brannten Schnüre (1,2,3)

Kate Carr - The Story Surrounds Us  (2017)

Roberto Musci - The Loa of music (The complete sessions) (1983/2017)

[Label Info] The Loa of Music is the first recording project of Milanese composer and musician Roberto Musci inspired by Voodoo Religion; Vever (the magical voodoo paintings) and Loas, the dark and magic spirits. The deep charm of non-Western music has led him to travel for many years across Africa, India and Asia, studying rhythms, scales, performance and interpretation of the most varied traditional and indigenous music, as well he make many field recordings and collected ethnic instruments that would then be combined with synthesizers and electronics in The Loa of Music. Recorded in 1983 originally had 80 minutes of music but only half was released on original LP. SOAVE pressed for the first time the Complete Recording Session from original tapes of this masterpiece that combines in a natural, spontaneous and unforced manner the sounds of distant and historic cultures, loopped, cut and effected, with avantgarde and mystical approach creating a very personal and inspired innovative musical language.

Heroin in Tahiti - Remoria (2017)

Riccardo Sinigaglia - Riflessi  (1986/2017)
[Label Info]Riccardo Sinigaglia, with Gabin Dabiré and Walter Maioli, made up one third of Futuro Antico - one of the most important collaborations to emerge from the 1970’s and 80’s Italian avant-garde. The project, whose name literally translates to ancient future, joined traditional sounds and instrumental from around world, with electronic music - the sonic past, present, and future as one. Recorded shortly after the collective’s most prolific period and released in 1986, while more singular and more idiosyncratic, Sinigaglia’s Riflessi caries these very concerns at its core. Built from field recording, collaged samples, synthesis, and instrumentation - shifting from hypnotic rhythm to radical and displacing structures, it establishes a remarkable link between ancient and non-western musics and efforts emerging from studios like Groupe de Recherches Musicales. A work of staggering rhythm, texture, beauty, Riflessi builds a world with almost no parallel - imbuing electronic music with touch, tactility, and humanity, while sacrificing none its challenges and intellectual heights. Rattling sonorous wonder, emerging for the first time on any format since its original pressing, before us is a historic moment - a lost piece of the puzzle of the wondrous Italian avant-garde.

ju ca x Yoshitaka Hikawa - On The Dispersion Of Materiality  (2016)

Exoteric Continent - Península (2015)

Qoso - Printemps-été (2016)

Anders Brørby - Phoenix Down (2016)

Anders Brørby Mulholland Drive, 1984 (2016)

Brannten SchnüreGeträumt hab ich vom Martinszug (2016)

Brannten Schnüre - Sommer Im Pfirsichhain(2015)

Brannten Schnüre - Aprilnacht(2014)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sounds of the Day #160/2017: Best Available Technology (1), Bernardino Femminielli(8), Benoit B(1) / Broshuda (1) / Correa (1), Id Meridian (1), Coàgul (1)

Best Available Technology - Exposure Therapy  (2017)

Bernardino Femminielli - Café Petite Chatte/Goodbye Blueboy 7 (2017)

Benoit B - Tropico Timelexia  (2016)

Broshuda - Ooze Vector (2016)

Correa - LFDLMN (2016)

Id Meridian - Id Meridian (2016)

CoàgulEls Arcans de la Gentrificació Cíclica (2016)